What Cat Owners Should Know About Selling Their Home

If you have feline companions, you may dote on them and give them full reign of your home. But potential home buyers might not like the sight and sound of cats. Others may love cats but might be allergic to the dander.

When you go to put your house up for sale, consider these things you need to know to ensure that your beloved pets don’t hold you back from selling your home as speedily as possible and for the right price.

Damage Is Inevitable, So Repair It

You probably have furniture, drapes, and walls that display evidence of your cat ownership. It’s not your feline friend’s fault. The Humane Society reports that kittens and even adult cats are biologically programmed to scratch to meet a variety of needs. However, you need to repair the damage of this natural inclination before showing your home to buyers.

Inspect all areas of your home for cat damage. Go room by room, and make a note of everything you need to repair or replace. For example, if your cat has destroyed your drapes, invest in new window dressings before showing your home. It may seem like a waste of money, but it can go a long way to actually enhancing your bottom line if you attract a motivated buyer.

Your Nose Adjusts to Smells Over Time

Have you ever walked into the house of a friend with multiple cats and recognized a certain stench? You may have thought to yourself that you’re happy your cats aren’t so stinky. The bad news is that all cats tend to leave not-so-pleasant scents behind where they live, yet pet owners can adjust to those smells and not be aware of them over time. Visitors certainly are, though.

Ask your real estate agent or a trusted friend to come to your home and be completely honest with you about any weird, strong, or bad smells in your home. You may be surprised that people can identify smells that don’t bother you at all. Take notes of any smells they identify and get rid of them.

Professional Cleaners Will Catch Things You’ll Miss

Although you may be able to do a great job cleaning your home, professional cleaners will have the equipment and expertise to thoroughly remove dirt, grime, and related smells that your cat may leave behind. Simply washing wooden floors and vacuuming carpets won’t get rid of odors that have accumulated over many years. Instead, enlist the help of professionals.

For example, a professional cleaning crew can clean your windows, and streak-free windows will allow more natural light into your home. In turn, the cleaner the surfaces, the newer and more pristine the house will seem. That will enable potential buyers to more easily imagine themselves living there.

A Cat-Sitting Plan Is Necessary

When you or your real estate agent shows the house to prospective buyers, cats should never be underfoot. Make a plan of where your cats will stay during open houses and home showings. If you have a relative who can take your cats in for the entire time that your house is for sale, that’s ideal. Otherwise, at least take them to work or a pet spa on days the house is shown.

Finally, contact Charles L Moles Real Estate today to speak to a caring member of our team. As a family-owned business for over 50 years, we treat each client as we would a member of our family. You, your family, and your feline companions deserve a great home. We can help you sell your house for the price that’s right for you so you can move on to your next home.

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