Home Sellers: 4 Kitchen Staging Tips

When you sell a home, every room is important to the buyer, but the kitchen is something special. Many homeowners will spend a lot of time in the kitchen socializing, cooking, or relaxing.

As you prepare your home for a sale, you should stage the kitchen to entice buyers who visit your home or look through pictures.

Learn about various tips to get your kitchen ready and how staging works to impress the buyer and showcase the best parts of your kitchen. These tips are budget-friendly, don’t require many overhauls, and will help make the kitchen stand out.

1. Daylight Bulbs

Natural light helps a room feel open and clean. Besides the windows in your kitchen, consider upgrades to the light bulbs you use in every part of the room. All of the bulbs in a kitchen should be daylight bulbs as opposed to yellow-toned bulbs.

The daylight bulbs give the room a wide-open feel and will blend naturally with the sunlight coming into the room. The bulbs offer true color visuals and less eye strain and will help the room feel open at night as well.

Even large ceiling lights can use daylight bulbs to give the room a refreshing and inviting feel.

2. Pops of Color

Another way to add a more visual appeal to the kitchen is with pops of color. The pops of color should be something to complement the base color of the wall in the kitchen. For example, if the kitchen walls are grey, then you may consider pops of yellow in the kitchen to add style and cohesion.

For example, you could put a small yellow sign up on the kitchen wall and then a vase of yellow flowers in the center of a table. Pops of color will draw attention to the room without overwhelming guests with too many bright colors.

3. No Clutter

Pops of color will draw attentive eyes to the room, but the last thing you want is a lot of extra clutter in a kitchen. One of the first things people notice in the kitchen is the counter space. To showcase all the possible counter space, remove as much clutter as possible. Remove things like toasters, blenders, and paper towel rolls and put them in cabinets and out of sight.

The main goal is to keep the counters as cleared off as possible. Bigger appliances like an air fryer or pressure cooker take up a lot of space and take away from the visuals of the counter space. Take the extra time to organize the counter space and remove all the clutter.

4. Cabinet Upgrades

When selling your home, you do not need to upgrade your cabinets completely, but you can use a few tricks to help make the cabinets pop. Clean all of the cabinet doors to remove any dirt or debris. When you clean the cabinet doors, clean the inside of the door as well to eliminate any dust or cobwebs.

Upgrade any worn or used knobs and handles. Over the years, metal may become dull, or wood finishes can naturally wear off. Replacing the handles is a smaller investment you can make to help the cabinets pop and add appeal to the kitchen. Choose from multiple styles, including both modern and rustic designs, to match the theme of the kitchen.

With these kitchen staging tips, you can help make the room stand out for potential buyers in-person and online. Contact our real estate professionals at Charles L. Moles Real Estate LLC for more information on selling your home and preparing the house for potential buyers.

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