Single Homebuyers: Home Elements to Consider for the Future

As a single homebuyer, you may only have a vision for the present when you shop for a home. No matter what you visualize or plan your long-term future to look like, a little preparation goes a long way. While you shop for homes and tour open houses, have an open mind for the future use of the home.

Whether you plan on getting married, having children, or want others to move in with you in the future, consider a variety of house features you normally wouldn’t need for a single person.

1. Bedrooms

The room to grow in your home literally represents the bedrooms in your house. As you hunt houses, a two bedroom may suit your current needs, but a three or four bedroom home would offer a lot of support for the future.

You can currently use the rooms as guest rooms, home offices, or a workout space until more people move into the home. A home with the space already available is a lot easier than building on a home or purchasing a different home in the future.

Budget wise, see how many extra rooms you can afford and move on from there. In some cases, you may have been looking for a two bedroom but can afford a three bedroom instead. Opt for the extra room and have the space to grow instead of locking yourself into a smaller home.

2. Bathrooms

As one person, one bathroom provides everything you need to bathe, get ready, and use the toilet. When another person moves in, suddenly, a single bathroom feels slightly overcrowded.

An extra bathroom provides the space, comfort, and convenience once others move into the home. If you have children in the future, one bathroom will become a major scheduling issue, especially with morning routines.

While you shop for a home, look for house with more than one bathroom. In some cases, the extra bathroom may not have much use for a long time. If anything, at least look for a home with a half-bathroom which just includes a toilet and sink.

3. Parking Spots

The driveway and garage space needed for a single person is typically limited to one or two spots unless you have a specific interest in cars. As your family grows and expands, so will the need for more vehicles.

Consider a two-car garage or a longer driveway. If driveways are limited, check out the amount of street parking available. Once more cars park at the home, you do not want to play a puzzle every time you park and position cars at the home. If you do purchase a home with a two-car garage, you can use the second side for storage or a work area in the meantime.

4. Basements

The basement in a home may expand the amount of living space. A finished basement offers the potential for extra bedrooms, extra office space, or a recreational room. A finished basement also adds value to the property over time. If the basement is unfinished, budget out how much renovations would cost to finish the area.

Your home may expand in a variety of ways and a large basement may serve as an ideal way to cater to the various changes. Some basements may have plumbing connections and options to add a second bathroom to the area.

A realtor will guide you through all of the possible homes and features which cater to a growing family.

For more information on homes, contact us at Charles L. Moles Real Estate LLC. Our experienced realtors will find you the ideal home for both now and the future.

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