Tips for Selling Your Luxury Home in Pennsylvania

Selling a luxury home can be quite a different experience from other real estate transactions. Buyers of luxury properties pay attention to detail, may be picky, and are often concerned about their privacy. As you prepare to put your home on the market, take time to understand your audience and what they’re looking for in a potential sale.

Closing a deal on a luxury home comes down to fine margins. For instance, a buyer may choose your home over another based on the flooring material or window placement. Here are tips to consider when selling your luxury home in Pennsylvania.

Research the Real Estate Market in Your Area

Real estate trends vary by location. Start by learning the local market and what luxury buyers are looking for in your neighborhood. And as you prepare to sell, make sure you draw attention to what buyers love.

For example, luxury buyers enjoy access to outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking. Does your property have a beautiful view of the outdoors? Show that through pictures on your listing. Is there a popular hiking area within walking distance? Emphasize the proximity by mentioning the number of miles to that destination.

Buyers also like homes that will appreciate in value. This is great because many neighborhoods in Pennsylvania are experiencing growth due to established companies and startups penetrating new markets. If your luxury home is in a growing area, highlight this in your listing to reassure buyers that their investment will become more valuable over time.

Focus on the Amenities

Amenities are what defines a luxury home. After you learn about market trends in your area, make sure to emphasize unique amenities that luxury buyers will love. Does your home have a fully stocked indoor wine cellar, heated swimming pool, or renovated home office? Use these amenities to gain a competitive edge over other sellers.

But most importantly, make sure the amenities have a personal touch. Your home should be functional and relatable to buyers so they can feel reassured that it’s worth the price tag. For instance, you can emphasize an indoor fitness center to buyers with an active lifestyle.

If you’ve installed new granite flooring imported from volcanic rocks in Egypt, highlight this feature to potential buyers who love to travel. Attention to detail and adding a personal touch will make luxury buyers view your property as a home.

Remember that Open Floor Plans are Hot

Luxury homes are often synonymous with space. The larger you can make your home appear, the more likely buyers are to pay attention. Open floor plans make your home look spacious — but you’ll need to make the extra space feel functional.

Larger kitchen appliances, stylish countertops, and personalized home decorations are creative ways of breathing life into your open floor plan. Smart home devices such as voice-operated lights also increase the comfort and utility of your luxury home.

Protect Buyer Privacy

If your buyers are high net worth individuals, they may have privacy concerns. Don’t disclose personal information to other buyers, friends, or colleagues without prior consent. You may also need to schedule walkthroughs and meetings in private to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

Are you ready to put your luxury home on the market in Pennsylvania? An experienced realtor can help you reach more buyers and get a better offer. Charles L Moles Real Estate is a professional real estate and appraisal firm operating right here in PA. We have the expertise to help you market your home to your target audience, increase resale value, and close on a deal as soon as possible. Contact us today.

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