Selling Your Home? How to Stage a Basement

For some homeowners, a large and spacious basement is a catch-all space. It might be a kids’ play area one day and your craft space the next. It often houses Christmas decorations, the kids’ sports equipment, and that old sofa that you’ve always planned to get rid of.

While this makes a basement into a very useful part of your home, it also makes the space difficult to stage when you sell it. If you’re not sure where to start with your own basement, read on for three staging steps anyone can follow.

1. Organize and Store

If your basement has become cluttered with stored belongings over the years, start by trapping all that chaos into a neatly organized space. You may not need to actually get rid of anything if you can instead move it into logical and organic storage methods instead. Get storage containers of varying sizes — preferably ones that provide a matched, unified appearance — and some shelves.

For bonus points, use storage that can be hidden as other furnishings. Try a bench with storage space underneath or a table over which you can place a long tablecloth. Bring in a work desk and make use of the drawers. Or place baskets on wall shelves in among books and a few decorative objects.

2. Create Zones

Many basements consist of a large, open floor plan or may have one large room with a couple of small ones off it. This layout may lack coherency and purpose, leaving the owner at a loss as to how to make it look its best to new owners. You can give the space purpose, though, by adding props.

One trick is to identify zones and make them feel more separated. If you have a washer and dryer along one wall, for instance, use it to create a cute laundry ‘room’ without walls. Place a side table along the open side to enclose the laundry area. Throw down an attractive rug underneath the appliances and table to form a unifying shape. Finish by hanging up one or two wall decorations.

Look for useful ways to create ‘zones’ within a large floor plan. If the basement has an attractive window, for instance, you might stage the area around it as a home office, a craft area, or a home gym. Don’t have the furnishings for these? Consider borrowing from friends or family.

3. Brighten It Up

Does your basement, like most, lack large windows and natural sunlight? If so, take steps to brighten up the space yourself. Open up any windows you do have by removing dark window treatments so that maximum light gets through. Replace heavy window coverings with gauzy sheers or simple valances while the home is being shown.

Add artificial light where you can as well. Bring in a few lamps from the other parts of the house if necessary. Consider using brighter wattage bulbs or lighter shades where possible to add to what the lamps naturally throw off. If the basement walls or ceiling are a dark color, a fresh coat of lighter, neutral paint can really brighten up the room and make it seem larger.

Which of these staging ideas can help your basement the most? By organizing what’s stored down there, designating room-like zones, and making the room appear brighter, you’ll create a space that potential owners will love.

For more help preparing all your home’s regions to be shown, consult with an experienced real estate agent in your area. Charles L. Moles Real Estate LLC can help. Call today to meet with one of our home-selling professionals and get started.

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