3 Ways to Get True Views of Real Estate Listings

As you search for a home, one of the first places you will look at is online listings. Real estate listings have become the go-to way to find a home. Technological advancements have made it easy to check out homes and all of their features. While an in-person visit is often the best option to get perspective on a potential home, you can get a lot out of an online listing.

Learn about three ways to get true views of homes and how to visualize them completely. Once you learn what to look for, you can easily scan properties to find a home that fits your wants and budget.

1. Square Footage Breakdowns

One of the first facts listed about the home is the square footage. While this number is important, you should take the breakdown of the square footage one step further. As you scroll through the home’s listing, look for a more detailed look at the square footage. If a home has a finished basement or some kind of add-on area, the square footage total could include those extra elements.

When you find the square footage calculations, you will see the true square footage of the main floors in the home. With the actual numbers, you will have a better perspective of the living space available within the home and which elements added to the extra space.

If you own a home currently, seeing the breakdown of numbers will help you compare both homes and get a better idea of the size.

2. Satellite Home Views

The front view of a house showcases the home in all its glory, but you often don’t have a clear perspective of the surrounding area. One way to see the property, the road, and neighbors is through satellite home views. If the real estate listing includes a map portion to showcase the address, then you could click on the “satellite” view to see clear overhead shots.

Through the satellite view, you can see what kind of road the home is on, how long the driveway is, and the size of the front yard. You can zoom out further to have an idea of the overall neighborhood and how close the area is to nearby locations like grocery stores or gas stations.

Many satellite views will also showcase an outline of the property lines so you can have a general idea of how big the property is and how far back certain areas go.

3. 3D Tour Listings

One of the biggest advancements in real estate listings is 3D tour listings. The 3D tours allow you to go on a self-guided journey through the home and see what every room has to offer. You can spin around 360 degrees and see what each room has to offer. A 3D listing is the next closest thing to visiting in person.

When you view a 3D listing, look for details regular pictures won’t capture. Check out the condition of the carpets or ceiling. Zoom in close on a bathroom for signs of rust or hard water. Count how many outlets are in a living room. Take your time with the tour to see all of the details. Enlarge the 3D tour to full-screen on a computer to see more detail.

Some 3D tours will also give views of a home’s exterior. Explore the backyard and have a nice view of the size. The 3D elements will often showcase the perspective of size a lot better than just pictures could.

Check out all the homes we have listed at Charles L. Moles Real Estate LLC. With these extra details, you can find your dream home and have a clear idea of what you’re looking at before stepping foot into the home.

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