Home-Staging Hacks If You’re Short on Time

Home-Staging Hacks If You’re Short on Time

The process of staging a home for sale is often misunderstood. Many first-time home sellers think that staging a home is a scary idea and not something they want to take on. However, depending on your living situation and the advance notice you have when potential buyers will visit the home, you may find yourself staging your home.


First Focus on Cleaning the Gross Stuff

If you have limited time before your home is going to be shown, first focus on what would be most embarrassing for strangers to see. That’s usually the gross stuff. Start by cleaning toilets, showers, and unkempt floors. Be sure to clean dishes in the kitchen and clear off grimy counters. Put away any food that’s been left out and empty the garbage.

If there are any big stains that are visible on your furniture, try to clean or cover them. (Since you’re not selling the furniture, there’s nothing unethical about covering a misplaced stain or two.) Also, be sure to clean the porch and entrance area to give potential home buyers the best first impression.


Relocate Pets (and Their Smells)

Get rid of pet smells as best you can. Keep in mind that pet owners often get so accustomed to pet odors that they barely notice them. Cover the basics like changing the cat litter and washing carpet that pets have peed on. If possible, get rid of all signs that you have a pet, even if that means taking your canine or feline companions to a pet daycare center for the day.


Throw Unmanageable Things in Bins, Not Closets

If you’ve ever cleaned your home in a mad hurry, you probably used the old closet trick. Simply tossing a mess in a closet contains it and allows you to deal with the stuff later. However, if you’re preparing to show your home, you also have to be prepared for strangers to open your closet doors and evaluate your closet space. Cluttered messes in the closet are unacceptable.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize the tossing-it-and-forgetting-it trick. Get big plastic bins and throw in stuff you really can’t go through. If you are putting things in the bins that may be breakable, take the time to wrap and protect items as though you are putting things in a packing box.

Once you have packed a bin to the top, store it in a shed or the trunk of your car. Alternately, ask a friend if you can keep a few bins in a garage or storage space until you sell your home. Just be sure to get it out of the house you’re going to be showing.


Place Your Valuables in a Safe Space

Your valuables shouldn’t be left lying around when your real estate agent is showing your home. Do a sweep of your home where you grab your most treasured and valuable possessions. Next, put them in a place where they’ll be protected such as a safety deposit box or a concealed safe.


Clear Out Controversial Stuff

Do you have some unpopular opinions? There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you are celebrating them with big posters in your home, put those posters away before the home showing. Don’t leave out political signs, controversial books, or religious displays. If your teens have curse words on displayed posters or photos, take them down.

If you’re not sure whether something could be offensive, assume it may be. The idea is to allow the potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. That’s a hard task if they don’t relate to the personal things you have displayed.

Finally, talk to your real estate agent about preparing your home prior to placing it for sale. Your real estate agent may recommend a home stager for your home before a planned open house or home showing, and they may also help with other aspects of staging the house. Contact Charles L. Moles Real Estate LLC to discuss selling your home today.

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