4 House Areas You Could Easily Convert Into a Home Office

When you hunt for a new home, you do not have to take everything at face value. As you go on tours and look through galleries, you should envision the ways you can transform the home and make it your own. For example, if you need a home office, you do not need to limit your home searches to houses with offices already built-in.

Learn which areas you can easily convert into a home office to make your house hunting that much simpler.

1. Breakfast Nook Areas

As you browse through kitchens, you may come across breakfast nook areas. The nook is usually off to the side of the kitchen and features seating like a small table or booth. If the home has other seating options or a dining room, then you can take advantage of the nook area for your home office space.

Replace the current seating with a simple desk and chair setup. The nook area offers window views of the outside and extra options for small shelves. The office allows you to multi-task during the day as you prepare meals, get other tasks done, and have quick access to the office space.

A breakfast nook is an ideal space for a standing desk as well. Many benefits come with a standing desk, including a boost in productivity, a boost in calorie loss, and an improvement in blood flow. Many standing desks adjust to sitting level when needed, but you also have the option to use kitchen island stools with the tall size of the desk.

2. Sunrooms

Many homes have an enclosed porch area known as a sunroom. The rooms provide a natural extension to the home and create an ideal office space. If you have clients or business partners meet at your business, the sunroom provides an ideal meeting spot so the guests do not have to go into your actual home. You can also enjoy a lot of natural lighting.

A sunroom provides the extra space needed for additional seating or office storage like filing cabinets. When you look into sunrooms, check out the provided cooling and heating for the room. Some sunrooms are considered three-season rooms because they do not have proper heating for the winter.

For your office use, you can look into ways of adding heat to the room or using space heaters during the colder months. Some sunrooms will have vents with central air or heating options to make the sunroom comfortable for office use.

3. Walk-In Closet

If you seek more privacy for your home office, consider a walk-in closet conversion. Larger walk-in closets offer plenty of space for a desk, chair, and other office equipment. The built-in shelves provide an ideal space for books, office supplies, and decorations. As you tour through walk-in closets, check out the number of available outlets in the area.

If needed, an electrician can add extra outlets and lighting. If no windows are present, you may consider the installation of a skylight to provide some natural light. When you work from home, you can easily leave your bed and go right to the nearby office.

4.  Pool Houses and Sheds

Some houses offer the chance to enjoy a home office outside of the home but on the same property. As you browse through real estate listings, look for buildings like larger pool houses and sheds. A pool house is typically used for pool equipment or a shaded area to lounge after swimming, but these spaces would make an ideal office.

If you purchase a small storage container for the pool supplies, you could easily clear out the existing pool shed. Look for insulated walls and some form of climate control in the space so you can properly use electronic equipment.

Find the property with your ideal home office space with our real estate experts at Charles L. Moles Real Estate. We will help showcase home office potential in several home listings that fit your budget and location.

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