July 2019

Top Considerations for a Couple Buying Their First Home Together

Buying a home together is an exciting step for any couple. It's a big commitment and leap of faith. Whether you will be living together for the first time or have been renting as a couple for many years, home ownership brings many new privileges and responsibilities. Weigh these considerations before buying a first home with your spouse or partner. Know Your Credit Scores The credit scores of both you...

Home Appraisal 101: What Sellers Need to Know

Home appraisals are a major part of buying and selling a home. Both buyers and sellers will have a sincere interest in the result of the appraisal. An appraisal should only be done by an unbiased professional who is qualified to determine the true value of a house. As a home seller, you may be nervous about how much the home appraisal will affect your bottom line. Home appraisals don't have to be...

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