5 Mistakes to Avoid at Open Houses

Selling your home can be both exciting and challenging. A great offer for your property can help you feel you’ve made the right decision. Your real estate agent can help you make smart choices every step of the way to bring that dream to fruition. One way you may connect with the right buyer is at an open house, so be sure to avoid these common mistakes at yours.

Mistake #1: Focusing Only on the Interior of the Home

Some sellers make the mistake of thinking that interested buyers are most interested in what they’ll find inside the house. However, curb appeal is important. That term simply refers to what your home looks like as someone drives by or arrives to park at the curb. If a buyer takes one look at your house and sees something unappealing, they may not even get out of the car.

That doesn’t mean that you have to spend endless hours making your front yard perfect. Simply take the time to have the front lawn mowed and pick up any trash or other messes that might be out front. Also, make sure that the numbers of your home are easily visible for potential buyers who are searching for the home.

Mistake #2: Getting Right to the Tour After an Initial Hello

People who attend an open house are likely to expect certain courtesies. They often set aside a good chunk of time to attend the open house and probably won’t be in a hurry. Don’t make the mistake of saying hi and then leading them right into a tour of the home. Instead, talk to your real estate agent about the best snacks and beverages you should serve at the open house.

When potential buyers start to arrive, greet them warmly and personally. Introduce yourself as the seller and offer them refreshments. Let them relax in your space. They’ll likely set the tone from there. If a buyer is in a hurry, they’ll likely tell you. Otherwise, never rush straight into a tour.  

Mistake #3: Keeping Pets Around for the Open House

Pets truly do become part of the family. However, they don’t need to greet potential buyers at an open house. If you have cats or dogs, try to leave them with a family member or friend the night before an open house. Then, after they are happily elsewhere for the day, thoroughly clean your home. Pet owners often go “nose blind” to odors in their home caused by their beloved pets.

Mistake #4: Not Setting Strong Boundaries

Many sellers let potential buyers push them beyond the point where they feel comfortable. The best way to avoid this is setting clear boundaries well before the open house and sticking to them. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be friendly and engaging. However, you should decide what you will and will not be willing to discuss with buyers.

Expect that potential buyers are likely to ask you all kinds of nosy questions. Just keep in mind that you are in control. If they ask things beyond your area of expertise, you may refer them to speak to your real estate agent. If they are asking personal questions that you don’t want to answer, simply explain that you’d rather not discuss that and change the subject.

Mistake #5: Throwing Junk in Closets and Under Beds

When you are staging your home for an open house, you need to pay attention to also cleaning closets and under beds. Potential buyers are likely to open your closets. Closet space is an important thing for many buyers. If they see yours looking disheveled, they might be put off by the mess or may simply not get a full idea of how big the closet is if it is full of clutter.

Finally, if you’re in doubt about a certain behavior at an open house, err on the side of caution. Also, ask your real estate agent any questions you have about the open house. Contact Charles L Moles Real Estate today to discuss your real estate needs with a caring member of our team.

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